HESLB Loan Appeal Window Open 2021/22

HESLB Loan Appeal Window Open 2021/22 | Dirisha la Rufaa la Mkopo la HESLB  2021/22

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HESLB Loan Appeal Window 2021/22 HESLB Loan Appeal Forms 2021/2022 Dar es Salaam. The Higher Education Students Loans Board (Heslb) yesterday announced it would open a 14-day appeals window to attend to over 4,500 first-year students including those dissatisfied with their loan rates to apply for additional funding for the 2021/22 academic year.

The window, which is scheduled to be opened on November 6, 2021 and close November 20, 2021 will enable the board to reach about 70,000 students as beneficiaries of Higher Education loans.
Heslb also said at a media briefing that it plans to fund no less than 100,000 continuing students, a number that will reach the funding target of nearly 170,000 students for this academic year (2021/22).
“This large number comes following the year of goodwill after the government increased the loans budget by 21 percent.
“Our aim is to ensure that all underprivileged and eligible students get these loans for their studies,” said Heslb executive director, Mr Abdul-Razaq Badru.
However, following in flowing of complaints by some students about loan amounts allocated to them, claiming that these would not help them meet their university studies requirements, the board has asked them to utilize the appeal period by sending their complaints for sorting out.
It is strongly advised to read and follow below-provided instructions to avoid submission of incomplete or incorrect appeal.


  • All students who are not satisfied with loan allocations they have received plus those who have not been allocated are advised to apply for Appeal;
  • All appeals including necessary attachments must be done through online window;
  • In order to help us process your application better, we will request you to respond to some questions.

How to fill HESLB Loan Appeal Form

  1. GO http://olas.heslb.go.tz  
  2. Click on ‘Appeal Now’ Icon. 
  3. Enter your Form Four (4) Index number that was used during Loan Application or Loan Allocations.
  4. Click on X fields, fill all fields with ‘X’ appearing on the left side of the screen
  5. Confirm YOUR information by clicking ‘Confirm‘ for each field
  6. Download and ‘Print’ the appeal form you have completed on the system
  7. Sign all forms
  8. Upload all signed forms.
  9. Now Submit your form HESLB online System

Publication of Successful Loan Applicants

  • A list of successful loan applicants with their corresponding allocations shall be published through the Student’s Individual Permanent Account (SIPA) used during application or on HESLB website: www.heslb.go.tz  after Batch Approval.


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