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Tanzania-e-Immigration Online Portal; Tanzania Passport Application 2021 | Tanzania e-Immigration Online Portal | Online Passport Application Form Tanzania. The Immigration Services Department is established under Section 4(1) of the Immigration Act of 1995 Chapter 54 as amended by Act No.8 of 2015. It gives the Department the authority to control and facilitate immigration issues in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The Department is one of the security organs under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Passport Application You can start your new application or Complete the Passport Application form by visiting the e-Immigration Online Portal
e-Immigration Online Portal website>>> https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/online/passport
All passport applicants must complete all required procedures online prior to contacting the Embassy for presentations and appointments. The following documentation must be uploaded when applying for a new passport, stolen or lost passport, and submitted with the application form to the High Commission.

1One (1) passport-size photo to be uploaded online.
2Original and Copy of the Old passport.
3Original and Copy of the Birth certificate.
4Birth Certificate or Affidavit of one of the parents.
5Original and Copy of UK residence permit.
6Marriage certificate for married women who have changed names
7In case of changes on the name(s), a deep poll
8Passport Fee is $90 paid online while filling application.
9Passport application supporting letter.
10Two passport size photos

Stolen/Lost Passport Requirements:

1Police incident report
2Newspaper advertisement
3Letter stating reasons for lost/ stolen or damaged passport
4Original and Copy of UK residence permit
5Original and Copy of Birth certificate
6Birth Certificate or Affidavit of one of the parent
7One (1) passport size photos to be uploaded online
8Fee is $ 250 lost for the first time and $ 350 lost for the second time or more
9* Fee is $ 150 for damaged Electronic passport
10 Two passport size photos

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