Job Opportunity at ACTIONAID DENMARK 2022, MS TCDC - Director of Operations

Job Opportunity at ACTIONAID DENMARK 2021, MS TCDC – Director of Operations

Job Opportunity at ACTIONAID DENMARK 2021, MS TCDC – Director of Operations | ActionAid Denmark (AADK) fights poverty by promoting the political empowerment of the world’s poor. AADK supports long-term development work, education programs and campaigns as well as cross-border exchange of experience and knowledge between people. For more information see here: www.ms.dk/en/home
Training Centre for Development Cooperation (TCDC) located in Usa River, Arusha, Tanzania, is part of AADK. The Institution employs more than 100 staff and associates/consultants and provides high-quality transformative development training and consultancy services to Action Aid International (AAI) and other civil society organizations (CSOs) and their partners. The Center also offers Swahili language and African culture orientation courses, academic programs, short professional courses, rental of conference, accommodation and boarding facilities.


The Director of Operations has the strategic and day to day responsibility for all financial and administrative (F&A) matters. S/he will be responsible for achieving the set goals within F&A including financial, HR and the other units composing the F&A, as well as implementing strong procedures. S/he is responsible for ensuring full compliance with our policies and donor requirements, and that operations guidelines and procedures are followed as set by TCDC. A key partner of collaboration is the Operations department in Denmark, especially the finance and HR units.
The Director of Operations reports to the Executive Director of TCDC and has a dotted line to the Finance & Administration Director in AADK. The Executive Director, Programs Director and Director of Operations make up the Leadership Team of MS TCDC and thus contribute to the overall management and development of the Centre.
The Director of Operations is directly responsible for five operating units/departments, namely: Finance, Catering, Front Office and Client Services, Facility Management and Human Resources. Each unit/department has a Team Leader/Manager who reports directly to the Director of Operations; the entire operations are composed of 12 persons.
A key task for the Director of Operations in the coming years is to implement new systems and procedures that are integrated with those of AADK, meet compliance requirements of donors and provide the Executive Director with timely data, contributing to the Financial sustainability of TCDC.
An illustrative listing of the tasks entailed will include but is not limited to:
♦TCDC finance and HR systems are up to date and aligned with those of AADK.
♦TCDC meets compliance requirements of donors and AAI Policies.
♦TCDC executive director is provided with financial and operational data to make timely decisions.
♦TCDC operations are effective and efficient and all units collaborate well.
Ensure the Financial sustainability of TCDC including but not limited to overseeing:
♦The preparations and updating of budgets in collaboration with TCDC department heads, including monthly follow-up.
♦Financial reporting (monthly, quarterly and annual accounts) in a timely manner to TCDC Management and AADK and donor partners in line with the AADK TCDC and partner reporting requirements standards.
♦The annual audit.
♦The functionality of the financial and administrative reporting systems (NAV and CRM).
♦The development of relevant financial management reports for decision making.
♦Oversee the HR function within TCDC and ensure a conducive working environment.
♦Support the maintenance and development of HR structural frameworks, such as personnel reports, annual staff appraisals and interviews and oversight of staff leave.
♦Oversee implementation of all relevant AA/AADK policies in areas such as SHEA, Code of Conduct, Procurement, Anti-Corruption, Health and Safety, Data Protection and Security.
♦Initiate bi-annual negotiations with the trade union (RAAWU).
♦Oversee staff development.
♦Ensure time registration
♦Maintain and update operations guidelines in all areas of TCDC, ensuring donor compliance and integration with AADK systems.
♦Oversee the provision of administrative support for front office and client services.
♦Support cost-effectiveness and quality of service delivery by the Finance, Catering, Facilities and Front Office and Client Services.
♦Ensure high-quality standards of TCDC services as per Centre’s policies and maintain customer satisfaction.
♦Support the facilities management function.
♦Oversee internal and external procurement of services and goods for the Centre.
♦Oversee the maintenance of IT infrastructure at TCDC, including continued digitalization of administrative functions.
♦Ensure effective management of the Catering section in order to achieve its objectives of providing a high standard catering.
♦Work with relevant staff to initiate new income-generating business – to achieve revenue goals.
♦Support Fundraising and Partnership functions by ensuring proposals are including cost recovery
♦Oversee the development of TCDC infrastructure.


On a typical day, the Director of Operations will be required to address a few personnel-related issues; monitor maintenance works on campus; seek solutions to IT accessibility concerns, provide mentoring support to a staff member and oversee the preparation of reporting on finances. Aside from this, you will be expected to participate in regular meetings including:
♦Weekly MS TCDC Leadership Team meetings
♦Monthly MS TCDC Management Forum meetings
♦Monthly AADK/MS TCDC Technical Committee meetings
The Director of Operations must be prepared to be both hands-on and strategic, i.e. s/he will be involved in both solving and overseeing concrete tasks and in more overall leadership issues such as business development and strategy development. It will be considered an asset if s/he has a commercial mindset and have experience from a social enterprise.
To fulfil this position, s/he will need to lead and manage a streamlined operational setup, which supports the program activities of the Centre based on a high level of service and well-functioning systems and structures. But s/he will also need to contribute to the overall success of the Centre by demonstrating strategic leadership and help develop the business of MS TCDC e.g. by seeking out new growth opportunities in both training offers and in auxiliary areas such as support services and rental of facilities.


In order for the Director of Operations to be successful in this position, the following qualifications as required:
♦ Degree in Business/Economics, or relevant education.
♦Large experience (minimum 10 years) with financial management, budgeting, accounting and business development.
♦ Extended experience with donor reporting, finance legislation and auditing principles as well as a proven track record in managing complex financial setups.
♦ Experience with personnel administration.
♦ Fluency in written and spoken English.
♦ Competence and knowledge within data protection, IT systems such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365, CRM systems, and Navision.
Moreover, the Following Criteria are Desirable:
♦ Prior working experience in Africa.
♦ Knowledge of development work, intercultural cooperation and conflict resolution.
♦ Previous experience in resource and business development especially in institutions and hospitality.
♦ Working experience with Training Institutions.
♦ Strong in people and public relations



♦ Ability to delegate responsibility and involve employees in decision making and work planning.
♦ Cultural and social sensitivity and ability to work and cooperate with a wide range of different groups in a multicultural team.
♦ Well-developed communication skills.
♦ Flexibility and willingness to put in the extra effort when needed.
♦ Political and diplomatic flair and entrepreneurial instincts.
♦ Aware of your own efficiency, possess initiative and know-how to prioritize tasks, whether these are your own or those of your team members.
♦ Able to work with a positive and open outlook, even intense, high-pressure situations.
♦ Able to see and acknowledge colleagues and challenge them with constructive criticism align expectations and reduce waste and bottlenecks.


♦ The position is offered under TCDC’s employment policy with a fixed-term contract of three (3) years with the possibility of extension depending on the future programmatic focus and needs of TCDC.
♦ The position is based in Arusha, Tanzania, in a dynamic working environment with a non-formal atmosphere.
♦ A basic salary under the AADK salary system – grade F, relocation and education allowance when relevant.
♦ Housing is provided by TCDC on campus.
♦ Flexible working hours, ensuring a good work/life balance.


Deadline for application: 2nd January 2022 before midnight
We only accept applications submitted through our online recruitment system by clicking the “Apply for position”


We expect to hold the 1st round of interviews on 17 January 2022 and the second interview on 24 January 2022.
People invited to the second interview will be asked to fill a personal profile and to answer a professional ability test, and they will receive an assignment to solve and present at the interview.
Expected starting date: asap and no later than on 1st April 2022 depending on travel restrictions.
Would you like to know more about the position? Please contact us at [email protected]

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